Nader in Berkeley 7-30-2014

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

KPFA Radio 94.1 FM presents:
Ralph Nader
Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 7:30pm
First Congregational Church 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley
$12 advance tickets: : (800) 838-3006
or Pegasus Books, Mrs. Dalloway’s, Moe’s Books, Walden Pond Bookstore, DIESEL a Bookstore
SF: Modern Times ($15 door)

We can thank Ralph Nader for nearly every environmental or consumer regulation from the 1960’s to the present. Named by The Atlantic as one of the hundred most influential figures in American history, and by Time and Life magazines as one of the most influential Americans of the twentieth century, Ralph Nader has helped us drive safer cars, eat healthier food, breathe better air, drink cleaner water, and work in safer environments for nearly five decades.
Now 80, Ralph Nader has written a new book with the triumphant title “Unstoppable, The Emerging Left Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.” The timing couldn’t be better: we are at a critically pivotal moment in our history. Americans are more disillusioned with their political leaders and major parties than ever before. Collective mistrust of the big corporations is rampant across the country. Ralph Nader provides a blueprint for citizens to fight successfully against the corporate state and its crony capitalism. He contends that a strong and bold Left-Right alliance is exactly what is needed to provide us with safe food and clean water, much cleaner air, control of our tax monies and investor rights, fair wages, increased funding of public schools and public spaces, ceasing being a military empire, and more.

“Ralph Nader’s timely book once again makes him prescient in his insights about American politics. His against-the-grain prediction…is not just a hope, but is grounded in emerging evidence.”

– Cornel West

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